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SLIDA® Classic is our original puzzle. It can be used by children and adults alike and challenges you in a way that expands your creativity and mental capacity.  After more than two decades of careful design and development, the Slida Classic is more than just a 3D puzzle; it is a must have experience for anyone – anyone, anytime, anyplace.

How will you solve the SLIDA® Classic challenge? Will you be able to put all of the pieces together to make the 3D ball without asking anyone for help? Will you be able to solve the challenge faster than mum or dad, your best friend, or your colleague at work?  Don’t be fooled – it might just look like a simple puzzle…it is only a ball right? SLIDA® in fact is a 3D puzzle that will challenge you, stimulate your mind, and help develop problem solving skills.

Buy your SLIDA® Classic today!

And keep an eye out: we have lots more SLIDA® products in development. Watch out for SLIDA® Toddler and SLIDA® Advanced – coming soon.

SLIDA® the latest 3D puzzle that will challenge everyone.