MEDIA RELEASE: SLIDA® into poll position this Christmas - SLIDA Puzzle
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MEDIA RELEASE: SLIDA® into poll position this Christmas

04 Dec MEDIA RELEASE: SLIDA® into poll position this Christmas


SLIDA® into poll position this Christmas

Named Top Toy for Christmas 2017 by Toy & Hobby Retailer magazine


Australian entrepreneur and inventor, Gianni Lavermicocca, is delighted to announce his award-winning 3D puzzle, SLIDA®, has been named one of the top toys for Christmas by Toy & Hobby Retailer magazine.

The SLIDA® classic is an irresistible, tactile 3D ball-shape which only reveals its true puzzle nature when it’s in your hands.. While it seems simple to unlock the pieces, putting it back together is a different story whether you are seven-years-old or 70. There are many ways to try putting it back together, but there is only one solution – will you figure it out?

SLIDA®‘s unique, sequential interlocking pieces embody STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) principles. Solving the puzzle relies on logic skills; what may start as an individual challenge, can turn into a group activity – whether you want help or not!

Its compact size makes it perfect on a road trip, when stuck inside on a rainy afternoon, or when a bit of fun is what’s needed; SLIDA® is ready to roll.

“For SLIDA® to be voted one of 2017’s Top Toys for Christmas by the editor of Toy & Hobby Retailer magazine, Australia’s leading trade publication for the toy industry, is a thrill and a great endorsement of our unique IP,” SLIDA® inventor Gianni Lavermicocca said.

“We’ve watched people all around the world embrace and engage with SLIDA®. Ability is no barrier when achieving SLIDA®’s, solution. Suitable for those with additional learning needs, it is a toy to be enjoyed with the rest of the family, because everyone approaches the challenge in a different way.”

About SLIDA®

Our mission is to spur co-ordination and expand creative-thinking via a captivating puzzle that invites repeat play and is dishwasher-safe, durable and portable.

The SLIDA team is determined to remain at the forefront of design and bring our customers with us on this creative journey. Our unique design has versatility at its core, and it is this inherent flexibility that sets SLIDA® apart.

SLIDA® Classic Colourways available to purchase are:

Jelly (red, blue, yellow green), Fairy Floss (yellow, orange, pink, violet), Gumball (rubine red, orange, black, blue).

SLIDA® Classic is distributed in the Australia, New Zealand, North America, South Africa, China, Singapore, South Africa and the European Union. Retailer and distributor enquiries should be directed to OR T: +61 2 7903 9399.

For media enquiries, please contact Gianni Lavermicocca at or 0419624888.

Mailing Address:          SLIDA Pty Ltd

PO BOX 886 North Sydney,



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