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Slida is a world-first, Australian-invented 3D puzzle, designed for people of all ages. After winning a Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Slida is predicted to be the next Rubik’s cube. The puzzle features an interlocking technology system that expands creativity and mental capacity. Its aim is to provide a fun yet purposeful challenge for children and adults, enhancing development and problem-solving skills.

Sydney business man and entrepreneur, Gianni Lavermicocca, is the Founder and CEO of Slida. In today’s tech-driven world, there is a lack of traditional games such as 3D puzzles, which can lead to developmental difficulties. After 23 years of extensive research, Lavermicocca invented a tactile, interactive puzzle that would help people learn and grow through cognitive challenges. Slida is set to build the next generation of thinkers.



    Slida is the next generation Rubik’s cube. A new 3D puzzle is here. Challenge yourself.


    Your friends, your family… they will all think that they’re faster than you. Bring it on.

  • GROW

    Slida requires you to be mentally fit & focused. This puzzle isn’t as easy as it looks.


    Our focus on education people goes beyond Slida puzzle. You never stop learning.

Our vision is to be the leading 3D puzzle that creates an engaging challenge for everyone. Our mission is to grow creativity and expand thinking through a puzzle that engages all.

Our Story

The SLIDA® journey began in 1992. Back then SLIDA® was only a foam ball that had been cut with a hot wire machine. I built several prototypes in this way but it was never ready for a big production run.

It wasn’t until 2013, when my son was in a work placement with Sydney-based Design Momentum that I really could get things moving. The advent of 3D printing technology meant that we could model various prototypes to begin fine tuning the design & get it ready.

After 23 years SLIDA® is finally here. The SLIDA® team has worked hard to get here. Everywhere we go with SLIDA®, we see friends coming together, families teaching & helping one another and everyone from zero to 102 loving the challenge.

SLIDA® the latest 3D puzzle that will challenge everyone.